Dozier互联网法 Firm Sues Re Use of Firm Name 'in HyperText Link"“Dozier起诉大学辍学商标侵权”:

Dozier声称:“ Riley特别喜欢攻击与他竞争代表律师和发明家参加知识产权谈判业务的律师事务所。”
诉讼认为,就Dozier而言,Riley公司已经启动了一个网页,其中包含十二个不同的实例,其中商标“Dozier Internet Law” is exclusively used as anchor text in a hypertext link. As Dozier explains it, “An anchor link is supposed to describe the destination a visitor will reach when clicking on the link, and functions much like a road map with a shortcut. These anchor links, however, do not take a visitor to the Dozier互联网法 website. Rather, the links send the party clicking on them to the main website used by the Riley Businesses that offer services which directly compete with Dozier互联网法.”