MillerCoors声称,百威电视广告(在超级碗上首次亮相)欺骗了消费者,使他们相信MILLER LITE或COORS LIGHT包含玉米糖浆(特别是高果糖玉米糖浆)。以下是MillerCoors’简要介绍支持其初步禁令的动议,以及专家的报告,讨论其研究得出的结论是:…]


I asked and @saucony answered! Thanks @yourpalmal for making this happen! — Josh Gondelman (@joshgondelman) April 2, 2019 // — release the full report (@TrademarkBlog) April 2, 2019 Today on “What’s The Mark?”: Apple application for registration states: “The mark consists of the side and front views of the configuration of a wireless earbud […]


Finding a Bearded Skull Design Merely Ornamental for Clothing, TTAB Affirms Failure-to-Function Refusal // — TTABlog (@TTABlog) March 6, 2019 KFC has launched a restaurant in China dedicated to a popular Chinese Communist hero. It's a rare matching of an iconic American brand with Communist propaganda. // — The Associated Press (@AP) March 5, […]


Global Strategy Group:Doing Business In An Activist World// — TrademarkBlog (@TrademarkBlog) March 1, 2019 USPTO Proposes U.S. Counsel Requirement for Foreign Domiciled #Trademark Applicants And Registran// — Marie-Andree Weiss (@MarieAndreeW) March 1, 2019 My book with Dinusha Mendis and @DrRimmer on 3D printing and IP law is out. // — Mark Lemley (@marklemley) February 28, […]